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Commercial Injection Foam (C-Foam)
C-Foam Injection Foam Insulation for Masonry Walls Applegate C-Foam Insulation is your cost effective answer for insulating Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) walls. (C-Foam has proven to cost less to install than Rigid Foam Insulation Board.)

C-Foam Installation
  • Can be installed two ways:
    • Injected into Top of Block; No drilling
    • Side-fill injection through 5/8" Holes
  • Can be completed as soon as block is layed
  • Does not interfere with other construction schedules
  • Does not damage walls
  • Clean, Quick application
  • Easy Clean up
C-Foam allows buildings to be completed faster by using a high-speed installation technology which uses compressed air to ensure that the insulation flows throughout the wall unit filling voids and otherwise difficult to insulate spaces.

Where can C-Foam be used?
  • Strip Malls
  • Box Stores
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Fire Houses
  • Foundations for New Homes
Anyplace New CMU is being Built
Mixed on site using a 2-part system that combines a unique spray-dried polymeric resin with a foaming catalyst ensures the highest quality pre expanded foam available on the market today.

C-Foam is Highly Effective
R-Value per inch:
4.92/inch @ 25°F mean temperature

R-Value of 8" CMU Wall:
9.0-10.0 Injected into 100lbs/ft³ block

R-Value of 12" CMU Wall:
12.0-13.0 Injected into 100lbs/ft³ block

Applegate's pre-expanded C-Foam will not damage or stain CMU Walls.

C-Foam is Class A Rated
C-Foam is a Class A building material that meets or exceeds all testing requirements of current building standards.

If you need more information on testing please contact us today!

C-Foam is Building Green
Applegate C-Foam is made from environmentally safe nitrogen-based organic polymers.

Our C-Foam Insulation is non-toxic and contains no petrochemicals, CFC's or harmful solvents.